The Fisherman's House


The speciality of the house is brodetto à la Tonči, a kind of fish stew with tomatoes, onions and wine, prepared with (according to guests' wishes) conger eel, red scorpion fish, langouste or lobster. Another famous Dalmatian dish is gregada, another kind of fish stew with potatoes, onions and white wine, only without the tomato sauce. All these dishes are prepared by Tonči over an open fire.

The fish is grilled over vine embers, and seasoned by dipping rosemary branches into home made olive oil and sprinkling the fish with it. As side dish, there is a variety of salads, tasting like the sun that lets them grow and succeed.

As appetizers there are salted anchovies, anchovy carpaccio with olive oil, capers, oregano and wild arucola, all self-picked. Not to forget the home made tuna pâté on grilled bread and octopus salad with garlic, parsley, capers and cherry tomatoes. Various vegetable dishes, such as roasted rosemary potatoes, fried zucchini, and eggplant cups filled with tomatoes are usually served with grilled fish.

An excellent home made wine, pressed from the Bogdanuša and Vugava vine sorts, goes best with grilled fish. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are generally prepared a lot at the Matijević boarding house. The spring begins with artichokes and broad beans or fresh jung peas, which, combined, make a delicious one-pot dish.

It continues with young zucchini, prepared in different ways, followed by young onions, radishes and the first potatoes in early summer. In the summer, one can look forward to tomatoes, that make a wonderful salad, when prepared with wild arucola.

The ringleaders of the fruit gang are the Maraska sour cherries in spring, followed by mirabelle plums, small wild plums, melons and watermelons, and figs in high summer. In the autumn, one can enjoy sweet Regina grapes for dessert.

In the winter, delicious marmalades are made from bitter oranges and lemons, and are, among others, used as pancake fillings in the summer.